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Wrapping up Vitamin D

What are the benefits of taking Vitamin D? Numerous!

Here are some things good Vitamin D levels do for you:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve fatigue
  • Reduce your “spare tire” around your middle
  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce your risk of cancer
  • Make your bones strong
  • Reduce your risk of breaking a bone
  • Reduce depression symptoms

And the list goes on and on….

How much do I need to take?

The average person needs about 5,000 IU’s a day. If your levels are below 20, then you need 10,000 IU’s a day. Otherwise, 5,000 is a good place to start. You should have your levels rechecked in about 8 weeks. It is very difficult to become toxic on Vitamin D. You should also have your Calcium  levels monitored. If you have kidney disease you should check with your nephrologist to get a green light from them.

You will be amazed what it can do!

Dr. Nancy Scheinost
Rheumatology of Brazos Valley