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5 Clues You Are Addicted To Sugar

Everyone needs to read Dr. Mark Hyman’s “5 Clues You Are Addicted To Sugar“.  Please read the entire article.  It will show you how addicted we Americans are to sugar.

“This game-changing study must force a shift in the conversation about obesity in America. There are 600,000 processed foods in the marketplace, 80 percent of which have added hidden sugar. The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, mostly hidden, and the average teenage boy has 34 teaspoons a day (more than two 20 ounce sodas). One serving of Prego tomato sauce has more sugar than a serving of Oreo cookies. Sweetened yogurts can have more sugar than a can of soda.”

Read the article here.

Dr. Nancy Scheinost