Are you ready to give up on your New Years resolutions, or have you already?

New Year’s resolutions are made, (or so it seems), to be broken, but goals are set to be met.  So why not set some small goals that are easy to meet?  Track them on your iPad or a write on/wipe off board or whatever works for you.

Goals like:

  • Going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night
  • Drinking 2 extra glasses of water a day
  • Walking 5 minutes longer a day
  • Giving up sugar for 3 days.

These goals are easily reachable, and when you check that off your list, reward yourself a hot bubble bath, a pedicure, or a frozen yogurt.  Then set new goals and on and on.  If you can meet these small goals that will provide you with more determination to meet your next set of goals.  That way you can pat yourself on the back all throughout the year and become healthier in the process.

If you need someone to be accountable to and don’t have anyone, I would be happy to step in. Just let me know!

Dr. Nancy Scheinost
Rheumatology of Brazos Valley

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