How do you tell if you are Gluten Sensitive or have Celiac?

How do you tell if you are Gluten Sensitive or have Celiac?

You can:

  1. Do the elimination diet for 3 to 6 weeks, or
  2. Get tested

If you are pretty sure that you are gluten sensitive, I would suggest going and getting the tests done for confirmation.  The tests can be expensive, but so is going gluten-free.  But you would be testing and confirming what your “Gut Instinct” is telling you, (no pun intended).  If you are fairly sure that you are gluten intolerant, and have tried the elimination diet and failed, that is another reason to get tested so that you know where you stand.  If you are experiencing other “gluten symptoms” while consuming “gluten-free” foods, it may mean that you have cross reactivity to other grains that are close to wheat such as corn or buckwheat.

Going Totally Gluten Free

That means going on the Cave Man Diet. (Hunter-gatherer, if you can’t catch it or kill it, pick it or gather it, then you can’t eat it).  This means going totally: Paleo Diet, Clean foods, and Farm to Table food.  It does not mean “IF IT TASTES GOOD, SPIT IT OUT!

Focus on what you can eat, rather than on what you can’t.  You can have fruits, vegetables, herbs, oils, nuts, lean meats, organic chicken, and wild caught seafood.  Take nuts and make nut butters out of them.  Don’t eat processed food, (that means food that comes out of a box).  If you do this for a minimum of 7 days, you should feel so much better.  Stay with the diet for 21 days, and it may become a habit, (lifestyle change), rather than drudgery.

When you eat out, ask if they have a gluten-free menu.  Restaurants are becoming increasingly aware of food sensitivities and most are more than happy to work with you.  Just let them know that you have special dietary needs.

Still having trouble with this?  In my next post, I will share some shopping lists and a few recipes.


Dr. Nancy Scheinost
Rheumatology of Brazos Valley

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