Navigating your way around being Gluten free.

Did you know that 2 pieces of whole wheat bread can raise your blood sugar more than eating two tablespoons of sugar can?  That is according to Dr. William Davis, author of the best seller, Wheat Belly.  Why is that, you may ask?  It is because wheat has a higher glycemic index than sugar.  It is full of gluten, which is bad for you because it so pro-inflammatory.  So you think well, I will just go get some gluten free bread.

Here’s the curve ball: the gluten free tapioca bread or the gluten free potato bread may have a higher glycemic index than wheat bread!  Confused?  Absence or prescence of the wheat isn’t the only thing that contributes to the glycemic index.  It’s the kind of carbs and sugar that make up the bread.

What can you do about it?  Read all labels!!!  Go for the one with the least amount of sugars and the most grams of fiber.  What can you do if you are diabetic, pre diabetic, or have metabolic syndrome?  Leave out the bread altogether and go for the lettuce wrap, where the lettuce leafs act like the bread.  Having a lettuce wrap sandwich won’t leave you in that post lunch carb-coma.

Take charge of your health!

Dr. Nancy Scheinost
Rheumatology of Brazos Valley

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