Trim your waist and stabilize your blood sugar

Tips for trimming your waist, stabilizing your blood sugar and avoiding Metabolic Syndrome:

When you sit down to a meal or a snack, eat your protein first, your veggies second, and your carbs last. This will help avoid insulin rushing into your blood stream and storing all the carbs that don’t need to be used right away as fat. Doing this will stabilize your blood sugar levels so you don’t get that sinking feeling after eating, and help lower your HgbA1c. HgbA1c measures your blood sugar over time, and as this number rises you become pre-diabetic and have a greater likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome.

Always have a protein with each snack or meal as this stokes the furnace which increases your metabolism.

Eat right after a workout or at least within 30-45 minutes. This will keep your metabolism running higher for a few hours.

When you go out to eat, trade out those high carb appetizers for a shrimp cocktail with lemon instead of cocktail sauce.

The next time you have corn on the cob, leave off the butter and salt and try a squeeze of fresh lime ….. very refreshing and much healthier.
Dr. Nancy Scheinost
Rheumatology of Brazos Valley



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  1. How wonderful to have these little morsels of health wisdom! I love following your blog; you make it easy for all of us to focus on health and wellness. Thanks!

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