Wrapping up Vitamin D

What are the benefits of taking Vitamin D? Numerous!

Here are some things good Vitamin D levels do for you:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve fatigue
  • Reduce your “spare tire” around your middle
  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce your risk of cancer
  • Make your bones strong
  • Reduce your risk of breaking a bone
  • Reduce depression symptoms

And the list goes on and on….

How much do I need to take?

The average person needs about 5,000 IU’s a day. If your levels are below 20, then you need 10,000 IU’s a day. Otherwise, 5,000 is a good place to start. You should have your levels rechecked in about 8 weeks. It is very difficult to become toxic on Vitamin D. You should also have your Calcium  levels monitored. If you have kidney disease you should check with your nephrologist to get a green light from them.

You will be amazed what it can do!

Dr. Nancy Scheinost
Rheumatology of Brazos Valley


    1. It depends. If your levels are good with the soft gels, that is fine. Otherwise you may have absorption issues, and need the drops. If you don’t know your level, get it checked. If you have more questions, please ask.

      Dr. Nancy Scheinost

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